Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Facilities at Good News Centre are available for use on the following terms and conditions.                      The User acknowledges and agrees to comply with these:

1. Criteria for Use

1.1 The Trust values making its facilities available for community use.

1.2. It is a requirement that any user must be sensitive to the fact that the centre is on Church land and is owned by a Christian Trust and nothing that is done can be in conflict with that purpose and our Christian Identity. So we do not permit the observance of any other religious practices including prayers, worship, images or idols.

1.3 The facilities cannot be used to promote political interests of a particular party, individual or group. An exemption will be made for Local MPs and councillors who will be permitted to use the venue to meet with local constituents. Public meetings where there is an open selection of candidates/parties/sides to participate in the discussion are permitted. Also a singular party/group wishing to hold a meeting/event for their own members will also be permitted.

1.4 Wedding Receptions cannot be held at the facilities unless the ceremony is conducted in St Marks Church, Nawton or taken by the Vicar, St Marks Church Nawton.

1.5 The Manager has the right to refuse use of the facilities without explanation.


2. Conditions for Use – Responsibilities and Liabilities

2.1 Users must have read and signed the terms and conditions before being permitted to use the facilities and have

* Met with an administrator

* Ensured they are familiar with the layout

* Clarified their responsibilities

* Understood the health and safety policy and evacuation procedures.

* Nominated a person on site to be responsible in case of an emergency.

2.2 The entire site (land and buildings) is smoke, alcohol and drug free.

2.3 The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all its members and spectators. Supervision must be provided for children.

2.4 Prior approval must be obtained if a hirer is to install additional power or lighting.

2.5 The hirer is only permitted to use the rooms that have been booked. Do not remove or use items found in cupboards or fridges without prior arrangement.

2.6 There is no alteration permitted to the fittings or structures including driving of nails, screws, bolts and drawing pins into the floor, walls, glass or any part of the building. Use of adhesive material on the walls for posters or decorations is NOT allowed. Blue Tak is fine.

2.7 Good News Community Centre has residential neighbours in close proximity with whom we try to maintain good relations. One issue that can easily upset neighbours is excessive noise. All users of the site are to ensure that their activities do not generate excessive noise and that respect is shown to our neighbours at all times.

2.8 Functions must cease by 10.30pm and the premises vacated by 11pm (unless prior permission is sought) or by your earlier nominated time.

2.9 Security of buildings and equipment is the hirer’s responsibility.

2.10 Please make sure that all safety precautions are taken to eliminate injury to persons and damage to the premises and equipment. Please make sure before leaving that all windows and doors have been secured.

2.11 All rubbish, bottles and food must be removed by the user on the day of use. Bathroom rubbish does not need to be removed, but must be left tidy. Tables and chairs must be returned and stacked in the appropriate places. Items must not be dragged across the floor. Any cost to repair or re-polish the floor caused by the User’s breach of this provision will be charged to the User.

2.12 No equipment is to be stored in the building without prior approval.

2.13 The User is responsible to ensure that the facility is cleaned to a reasonable standard at the end of the period of use. Cleaning equipment is provided in the “Cleaner’s cupboard” next to the accessible toilet in the passage way. Brooms are available by the wheelie bin in the passageway and next to the fridge in the kitchen.

2.14 Please supply your own tea-towels, cloths and rubbish bags.

2.15 The use of candles or any naked flames is prohibited.

2.16 Carpark is available for use. Please ensure no valuables are left in the vehicles.

2.17 The hirer agrees to indemnify the Trust, its trustees and members in respect to any loss whatsoever arising from breach of use.

2.18 It is up to the hirer to make their own arrangements for public liability cover to protect them while using the Good News Community Centre.


3. Exemptions

3.1 The Manager may grant permission or approval if required for conditions outlined in section 2.

3.2 If any criteria or conditions in section 1 or 2 require an exemption this may only be granted by application to the Board in exceptional circumstances.


4. Payments

4.1 All costs include GST

4.2 All signed hire agreements span that calendar year and pricing and other applicable items are subject to change at the point.

4.3 The Bond must be paid at the time of booking and is fully refundable if the fully paid booking is cancelled or facilities used in accordance with agreed conditions.

Bonds are

Hall or Kitchen $100              Kauri or Rimu Rooms            $50

4.4 Payments can be made by cash, cheque or electronic banking.

4.5 Any damage to the building, fixtures or property must be notified immediately to the Office Administrator. The hirer is responsible for the full replacement cost of any damage or any equipment stolen. The cost to repair or replace any equipment that is deemed beyond normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the user.

4.6 Cancellations with more than one month notice will receive a full refund, cancellations with more than a week will receive a half refund.

4.7 A Cleaning fee of $50 minimum will be charged if the venue is left in an unsatisfactory state.



(as part of the facility use agreement)

The use of the kitchen is available only when prior booking arrangements have been made.

Please provide your own tea towels, dishcloths, table cloths and rubbish bag.

All Good News Centre crockery, cutlery and kitchen equipment must be washed then sterilised to comply with Health and Safety regulations.  Please read the instructions on the front of the steriliser before use. The streriliser is not a dishwasher. Please fully wash dishes first to ensure all food scraps are removed, then sterilise them.

Please clean the kitchen as per instructions before leaving, and take away all food scraps and rubbish.  Do not leave left-over food in the fridge.

Please check stoves and elements are turned off and the hot water boiler is off.

The kitchen area must be left clean and free of rubbish.  The cost of any additional cleaning required will be deducted from the bond, and any excess will be payable immediately on invoice.

Please report any breakages or damage promptly to the office staff.


Methods of payment

Payment can be by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (made out Te Rongopai Community Trust)
  • Electronic banking (Te Rongopai Community Trust, Kiwibank account number 38 9012 0495769 00 and please write GNCC and your name as reference).