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What does this programme include?

A week block course of interactive workshops learning about the 7 employability skills which are:
Positive attitude, Communication, Teamwork, Self-Management, Resilience, Willingness to Learn, Thinking Skills.
This programme runs Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 3.00pm. There will also be opportunities throughout the week to have individual sessions to write your cv and discuss some work experience ideas. 
Field trip: 1 day during the week will be a  day where we will go out as a group to a couple of different work sites and experience the different type of work industries. 
Work Experience: Throughout the months following we will meet with you for follow ups to support you as you attempt to find work and volunteer experience opportunities.

Who is eligible?

Preference is given to those aged 15 to 21. 

What will you gain from this programme?

If you complete this programme, you will achieve a certificate of learning, which is a very valuable micro-credential recognised by employers. Your record of learning will also be displayed on the Endorse Me app. 

If you complete the programme including the work and volunteer experience, you will achieve the certificate of learning endorsed with either bronze, silver or gold dependent on the amount of practical hours you complete. 


This programme is free and the field trip travel costs are covered. However a $10.00 student workbook is required and needs to be paid on registration.  Please bring your lunch each day.